Abbey Wood Platform Validators

I’ve just been through Abbey Wood and noticed that there are 6 new validators on platforms 3 and 4.  They’re all covered with a dark blue canvas cover at present, but presumably they will be activated soon.  Staff on the platform say that it’s due to happen by the end of the summer, so I … Read more

Happy 20th Birthday Oyster

The iconic Oyster card started being used on London Buses and the Underground on 30th June 2003.  To start with you could only pay as you go, but daily capping was introduced 20 months later on 27th February 2005.  London Overground was launched on 11th November 2007 which bought Oyster to the first rail services.  … Read more

The Whitechapel Problem

Over the years since Oyster was rolled out there have been a number of new interchanges added to the system. Notable among those have been Warren Street to Euston Square, Bayswater to Queensway, Aldgate to Aldgate East and Cannon Street NR to Bank. More recently a tranche of new interchanges appeared to service the Elizabeth … Read more

Overcharging at Farringdon

Further to earlier posts about Farringdon and the initial lack of validators to start/end a PAYG journey on the Elizabeth line when using a ticket on Thameslink services, a new issue has cropped up which results in some users being charged for an incomplete journey. Between the southern (back) end of the northbound Thameslink platform … Read more

Most Used OSIs March 2023

We last looked at OSI usage in 2019, before Covid. Thus four years later I’ve asked TfL for updated data showing how many journeys made use of each OSI in the system. The data provided was recorded over a four week period in February/March 2023. Most OSIs are showing a drop in usage compared to … Read more

Lame and Late April Fool?

On Monday morning the i website published an article suggesting that TfL could soon reclassify Fridays as off-peak all day. Now I know that Avanti West Coast already do this, but they are into long distance travel, and promoting a long weekend when business had already deserted the trains is clearly a smart move.  TfL … Read more

Warning! Redhill via Gatwick Airport

Note: Some of the details below will change on March 5th. Redhill will no longer be included, and caps will no longer apply if using the Express service to get to Horley, Salfords or Earlswood. Last September I posted about a change to fares between Victoria and Redhill, Earlswood, Salfords and Horley when travelling via … Read more