Battersea Power Station Opening 20/09/2021

The new extension to the Northern line to Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station is scheduled to open on Monday 20th September. It will initially be served by 5 or 6 trains an hour which will run via the Charing Cross branch.  The extension cannot physically connect to the Bank branch. In terms of fares … Read more

Confusing Announcement at King George V

So, I was out and about this afternoon trying out some stuff with an ITSO smart card, more of which later. At King George V the train to Woolwich Arsenal was announced as going via London City Airport. Err, no, it’s just been there, it’s not going again.

Don’t Buy a Travelcard Online From Swanley

This is not an Oyster (or contactless) issue, but it is related to travel in London and needs highlighting. Since March 2016 Swanley in Kent has been placed in London travel zone 8. This coincided with acceptance of Oyster PAYG from March 9th that year. It also meant that day travelcards for zones 1-9 and … Read more

Finsbury Park back to Normal

I’m reliabley informed that the hated one-way system at Finsbury Park has been removed, so Great Northern and Thameslink customers changing onto the Underground no longer have to walk round a massive detour outside.

Oddities at Lewisham National Rail

Lewisham has been a bit of a nightmare ever since they started trying to make it accessible, along with the addition of the DLR platforms. It’s come a long way since the only entrance was at the London end of platforms 2 and 3 and access to platforms 1 and 4 was via a subway … Read more

TfL Website Sign-in Issues

Is anyone else having problems signing into their accounts on the TfL website? Every time I try to log in I have to complete the wretched captcha puzzle at least twice and often three times. It’s not because I get the pictures wrong either. After the first attempt I’m redirected back to the “are you … Read more

No More Oyster at Ticket Offices

A few weeks ago I wrote about the removal of Oyster facilities at most NR ticket offices.  The last two remaining train companies were London Overground and TfL Rail, both concessions of TfL.  This week it has been confirmed that both of these will also lose their ticket office capabilities this month.  A Transport for … Read more