Don’t Use The Bus!

I’ve managed to break the oyster system again!  I’ll admit that this time it was a deliberate attempt to try something out-of-the-ordinary, but not impossible.  I was returning from Balham to Crayford and I changed at New Cross Gate to avoid using zone 1.  It was raining, so rather than walk

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The Double Journey (Part 4)

To complete the picture I tried one more time to use the concourse at London Bridge while exiting from Southeastern (P1-6) and entering to Southern (P8-16).  Again I was charged for two journeys.  Whilst I await a response from either ATOC or the Oyster Helpline I have flagged these two OSIs as not working on … Read more

The Double Journey (Part 3)

Well, the explanation from ATOC seemed to make sense, but in fact it was incorrect.  Yesterday I made another journey from Crayford to Norwood Junction.  Just for variety I tried travelling via Victoria on the outward journey because engineering works meant that the trains from Dartford were diverted via Sidcup.  It all worked correctly this time, until I came to go home.

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A Double Journey?

I’ve just checked my journey history and noticed that Tuesday night’s journey to Norwood Junction has been charged as two separate journeys, one from Crayford to London Bridge and the other from London Bridge to Norwood Junction.  Surely that can’t be right?  True, I could have used the footbridge to change platforms, but I was hungry

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About turn!

Just after receiving the kid’s Oyster cards I had set up auto top-up on them in anticipation that they would be used most weeks.  The initial top up had been loaded onto their cards the day before the email about the Family and Friends Railcard arrived.  What should I do now?

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Early Teething Problems

Following our first trip, I repeatedly logged in to the Oyster online website over the weekend expecting to see details of the journey appear.  I wanted to see how touch in and touch out would be recorded as previously I’d only ever used my card on buses.  Monday morning came and still no sign

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The Story So Far

Back in late 2009 it was announced that Oyster pay-as-you-go would finally be accepted throughout the national rail network within London.  Living in south-east London, this was great news to me. I’d lost count of the times

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