Caution – Hokey-Cokey Issues

So today I’ve been out and about experimenting and encountered a problem with trying to break an OSI.  The OSI was broken alright, but the fare charged for the first leg was not what I expected to see.  I’m trying to track back through my journey history to see where I’ve tested this before but it’s taking a while.  So far I’ve only found where one of my kids used it to break a circular journey.  In that instance it worked just fine, but as kids fares within zones 1-6 are just a flat 75p off-peak it may have masked other effects.

Watch this space for more news.

2 thoughts on “Caution – Hokey-Cokey Issues”

  1. Hello, I think that I may have broken the OSI fare coding. Normal journey in the evening peak is Canary Wharf (Z2) to Paddington (Z1) – Therefore an off peak journey. Thanks to your previous suggestions I have a gold card linked to the Oyster so the actual fare paid is £1.60.

    However I took DLR from South Quay yesterday evening, and OSI’d Heron Quays to Canary Wharf. Fare paid £1.70!

    I assume that the system thought that the first leg south (Quay to Heron Quays) was a peak fare without looking forward to the Paddington leg. So I was charged a Peak Fare Zone 2 without the 1/3 discount leading to £1.70.

    Were you aware of this? Do you think the Oyster wonks are aware? Should I mention this to anybody?



    • Hi David,

      Yes they are aware. The Oyster system will not refund a charge levied at an intermediate point. There is a fix on the horizon, but I’m not sure how close they are to implimenting it.

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