Fare Finder Changes

Yesterday GTR launched new PAYG stations at Radlett, Potters Bar and Brookmans Park.  While the first two accept both contactless and Oyster PAYG, Brookmans Park is the first contactless only station.  It was clearly necessary for my fare finder to indicate this for any journey to/from Brookmans Park, so some coding changes were rapidly required.  Sadly the multi-type fare finder has had to be taken out of use at the moment, but the newer version (yellow button at the top of the page) has been updated.  You can also use this directly on a mobile device at https://oysterfares.com/off/.

The zonal coverage and cap information for the new Oyster stations isn’t live yet because I haven’t received the data from TfL.  I’m also waiting for precise information about what capping, if any, will be applied if one journey involves Brookmans Park.  There are a number of potential scenarios, but the statement by both GTR and TfL that capping does not apply from Brookmans Park doesn’t give any clues away.

6 thoughts on “Fare Finder Changes”

  1. Re Brookmans Park
    A trial run for the phasing out of oyster cards in London?
    Otherwise why introduce a contactless only station?

    • Hi Le Ver,

      That’s quite a cynical opinion. Oyster will not be phased out in London. I have that directly from TfL’s Chief Technology Officer.

      It’s not actually possible to extend Oyster any further at the moment, it’s reached it’s capacity. Meanwhile, the government is keen to extend PAYG further out from Central London. Brookmans Park is the first instance of this project.

  2. Thanks Mike, I did wonder why the capping info wasn’t coming up for journeys from Radlett. Btw both TfL and your fare finder are refusing to show the price from Radlett to Kentish Town Rail Station or Underground Station. Any ideas why?


    • Hi Marc,

      That’ll be an error I’d say. I’ll pass it on to someone to get it looked into.

  3. Hello Mike,
    The roll out of oyster to Welwyn Garden City is well behind schedule.
    It should of been running by late summer.
    Any idea when it will be fully implemented.

    • Hi Frank,

      Oyster isn’t going to Welwyn Garden City in the near future. Contactless will be, and the latest estimate is later this year.

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