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Great news!

TfL appear to have rolled out their new website this evening (the one that’s been in beta for ages).  I still need to look around properly, but the best news is that they have finally removed the button for alternate fares.  You now get all options straight away.  They still don’t describe the default route, but at least you get all the others so you can see if any of them describe the route you were planning to use.

Single fare finder:

Tube, DLR & Overground fares:

Overall fares and payments portal:

8 thoughts on “New single fare finder”

  1. I was just having a play with the single fare finder and for some reason, Queens Road Peckham isn’t on the list of stations as you type in the name.

    • Good spot. That’s a bit of a c*** up! It’s an Overground station too. Oops!

  2. Hiya

    I’m planning to travel from London St Pancras to Abbey Road. A single fare says it’s £2.70.

    From what I can see the best way to travel from St Pancras to Abbey Road would be taking an overground train to Stratford international and then taking the Stratford International DLR to abbey road.

    Obviously this would involve a change of trains. I know I would have to scan my oyster at the start of my journey at st pancras, but when I arrive at Stratford International would there be pink card reader at stratford international that I need to scan to change to the DLR before scannong out on a yellow card reader at abbey road to end my journey.

    Would this ensure that I would be charged £2.70?

    I love outside of London so using an oyster card is only for when I’m visiting for a few days every now and then and I’ve never made this particular journey before.

    • Hi Rio,

      Bad news, I’m afraid. St Pancras International to Stratford International is one of two rail lines in London which you cannot use Oyster on. The fare you’ve seen is using the Underground and DLR only. E.g. take the Hammersmith and City line to West Ham and then the DLR to Abbey Road.

  3. Ah thank you! I’m assuming there would be no pink card readers when changing to the DLR at West Ham?

  4. Hi Mike,

    I am travelling from Hayes and harlington Station to Euston Square Station every day monday to friday. I used the single fare finder and see that it’s a very cheap fare with 16+ Railcard, I’m 19 years old so I think I’m elligible for this card but I can’t find the 16+ railcard online, I was able to find the 16-25 railcard but it doesn’t look like the one I need.
    With this 16+ Railcard, it should make my off-peak journeys £1.50 but I’m not sure where to find it, do you know where to find it?

    Thank you,

    • Hi John,

      That’s quite confusing. It’s referring to the 16-18 zip card with NR railcard discount set. The problem is that that combination no longer provides extra discount above the half adult fare on all rail journeys. If you are a student and qualify for the 18+ student Oyster card then you can get discounts on travelcard season tickets. Otherwise add the 16-25 railcard to an adult Oyster card and get your journey for £2.00.

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