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    As trams work the same as buses with a £1.75 charge and a hopper fare and only needing to touch in, do you still need to touch in when transferring to another tram? Let’s say you go from Beckenham Junction to Elmers End and you need to transfer at Arena, do you still tap in before boarding the Elmers End tram?

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    Hi Duncan,

    A touch in on a tram validator is valid for an hour, so if you need to change trams you don’t need to touch again. I’d recommend doing so though, because it’s useful to build up the routine of touching before boarding.


    For completeness for future casual readers I’d modify the brackets in the original post to say:

    ‘Charged at the usual rate for Zip card people”

    since it’s not universally free for them.


    Cheers Feathers,

    I’ve removed the brackets because it’s not really relevant to the overall question.

    Martin Smith

    On a related note, I live on the tram network. I’ve noticed that when people visit me from other parts of London, they instinctly “touch out” on the platform readers, presumably because this is what you’re supposed to do on LU/NR/DLR journeys ending at ungated stations. Obviously, with the hopper fare this is unlikely to cause an issue, but before the hopper fare was introduced around 2018, would this have caused them to be double charged?

    Mike (admin)

    Hi Martin,

    No it wouldn’t. The hopper fare was derived from the original tram system including the feeder buses in Addington, so a touch within an hour of the first one would have been effectively ignored.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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