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    Hey Mike,

    I have a question regarding a return journey from Weybridge to South Kensington, as I am possibly planning to relocate but wondering if it’s worth the commute.

    Would I be able to use contactless for this journey or have to pay for a physical ticket? Or what is the best and cheapest option for me to use?

    It doesn’t look like it would be covered by the daily cap as my current route is (from Strawberry hill) so wondering how expensive it might be for a peak return (approx depart 7:30-8, return 18:30-19:30) as I can’t seem to find the info.

    Thank you in advance!

    Mike (admin)

    Hi Lauren,

    Weybridge is currently beyond the contactless area, so you’d need to buy a ticket for at least part of the journey. I think the cheapest reasonable route is likely to be via Wimbledon. You’d need an Anytime return from Weybridge to Wimbledon which is £12.60, then use PAYG from Wimbledon to South Kensington on the District Line which is £3.70 peak (£3.00 off-peak if you touch in after 1900 at South Kensington). Total £20.00 (or £19.30) which is quite a bit cheaper than the Anytime day travelcard at £29.40.

    If your commute is generally 5 days a week then a season ticket for Weybridge to Wimbledon will save a bit, but I’d still use PAYG for the Underground.


    Technically, you wouldn’t need a “paper” ticket since an SWR Touch smartcard could be used for the Weybridge to Wimbledon leg. If you set it up with their “Tap2Go” contactless solution you could touch in and out as if it were an Oyster card and wouldn’t need to queue for ticket machines (or offices).

    The disadvantage of this is that, in order to change tickets at Wimbledon, you’d need to tap “out” of your SWR journey as well as tapping “in” to your Oyster/contactless journey. There are Oyster readers on the tube platforms at Wimbledon to do this (the yellow ones, not the pink ones) so you don’t need to go through the barriers, but having to tap two different cards, one after the other, every time you pass, rather than just the one may become a chore. A paper ticket may be easier – It’s your choice.


    Hi both,

    Okay great thanks for your help!

    I am also looking into areas such as Leatherhead and Dorking, could you also please advise the best route for this too if you don’t mind?

    Thanks again,


    From those two, your route options are probably twofold. You could go directly into Victoria (on Southern) and then two tube stops to South Ken or you can still take SWR and swap to the District at Wimbledon in the same way as above.

    From Leatherhead, the Victoria journey looks to be about an hour with the Wimbledon run being half that but you make up the difference in the longer trip on the tube.

    Pricewise, Wimbledon is still cheaper I think (£12.30 + £3.70j as opposed to Victoria (£17.70 + £2.80) although I’m treading on Mike’s toes on his site and he probably has a better handle on all this.

    Dorking is just further down the same line so the price difference should be similar on both routes. I haven’t checked yet.


    As both stations are beyond the Oyster boundary, I should have added that Southern has it’s own contactless solution but it’s different from SWRs. So, for the minute, what card you tap in with or ticket you buy will dictate the trains you’re allowed to travel on.

    Hopefully this will change in the next year or so when a new contactless solution for National Rail stations around London is introduced but we’re not there yet.


    Okay great thank you!

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