Fares Change on March 1st Again

I’ve finally managed to get confirmation that most of the 2022 pay-as-you-go fares will be implimented on Tuesday March 1st.  All fares within zones 1-9 are set to rise, along with daily/weekly caps and weekly/period travelcards.  The average rises will be 3.8% on National Rail and 4.8% where TfL set the fare.  As always there will be variations because the resultant fare has to be a multiple of 5p or 10p.  I hope to have more details as soon as the new fares are available.

Update 22/02:
Further analysis of  the changes indicate that a few fares from Dartford and Swanley have actually been reduced or frozen to bring them into line with other National Rail through fares.  Full story https://oysterfares.com/dartford-swanley-fares-going-down/.

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  1. You probably know this already, Mike, but the details of the new March 2022 fares are published in the appendices to today’s mayoral decision “MD2937 March 2022 fare changes”:

    There are always a few hidden “nasties” in the detail, for instance the off-peak zones 2-5, 3-6 and 2-6 TFL fare will increase by +11.8% from £1.70 to £1.90. That is NOT rounding of 4.8%!
    (I wonder if that is the highest percentage rise?) They appear to be spreading out (ie. increasing disproportionately!) those off peak TFL fares in zones 2-6, which until March 2021 were all £1.50.

    Also the “Notes to editors” at the end of the press release includes some warnings of what may be coming in the near future (some of which I see you’ve touched on previously):

    • Hi Dave,

      Yes, thanks for this. Indeed TfL are spreading the fares to reflect the number of zones used. Last year the pairs involving zone 1 were all split up along with some of the excluding zone 1 fares. This year another split will happen and I fully expect the 5 zone fare to be more than the 4 zone fare in next years revision.

  2. Some interesting comparisons between the TfL rail mode and the bus for a single zone outside Zone 1. If you’re making a single trip between two stations, it’s still going to be 5p cheaper by rail than the bus, but if you’re making a quick trip to the shops and back within 62 minutes, the bus works out cheaper overall.

  3. Hi Mike

    Just checked my fare, Dartford to Zone 1 tube, and it looks like the single PAYG fare has decreased, both peak and off-peak. Is this an error in the TFL system? Travelling to Zone 1 on NR only has increased though.

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