Introducing: Longer Reads

I’ve added a new section in the menu above called Longer Reads.  This is for articles which don’t really fit in the information pages but have a longer shelf life than latest news.  I’ll be adding more topics in the future, but the first one is a look at the cheap short-hop fares which cross the zone 1-2 boundary while charging only a zone 1 fare.

5 thoughts on “Introducing: Longer Reads”

  1. This is a great site and I appreciate the great efforts you put in to running it so I am very reluctant to criticise it but there has been one problem since you converted to the new site some time ago.

    The RSS Feed almost always has blank entries. For example, the RSS entry for this post shows:
    “Introducing: Longer Reads” as the title, and
    “[no content]” as the content.

    On rare occasions the whole text appears in the RSS Feed but that is only once or twice per month. I wonder if there is some setting you can tweak so the full text appears every time, the way it used to do on your older site. That way I can read the whole post on the move without a reliable internet connection when the text is stored in my feed reader instead of waiting until I get a reliable connection when I have to visit your live website.

    Thank you, in anticipation of the time you will spend looking into this. Paul.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I’ve just set up an rss feed for this site and everything has come though as expected. I don’t know enough about rss feeds to know what might be causing your problem. I’ll monitor the output in my mail program to see if I can get any hints. In the meantime if anyone more knowledgeable can comment I’d be very grateful.

  3. I don’t know much about RSS feeds either but this might help you track down the problem.

    My Feed Reader ( has picked up two different RSS feeds from your website.

    The feed at
    shows the full text of the article (which is great) but it only shows the main articles, with “Mysterious Invisible Pink Readers, “Introducing: Longer Reads” and “What to do about Vauxhall” as the last three.

    The feed at
    seems to show everything, including comments and including the main articles listed above. It does, however, only show [no content] for every entry, including showing [no content] for the main articles which have the full text above.

    I wonder if you have different options in your setting for the full feed and the comments feed and if they have different option ticked. Perhaps there is an option in the comments feed to include the text instead of the heading only.

    I hope this helps track down the problem so I can read your very helpful feed when offline instead of being restricted to reading it when online and having to click through to your website every time.

  4. RSS is working for me (using Feedly as the reader), including displaying of contact, though I missed the posts for ages because I hadn’t pointed it away from Oyster-Rail!

  5. RSS feed is working for me too. Site is great, Mike. Have you ever thought about upgrading from AdSense to Ezoic for free? The ads tailor to each user specifically and help increase revenue.

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