Mysterious Invisible Pink Readers

Journey History for Crayford to WimbledonI’ve finally been hit with the mystery invisible pink reader phenomenon.  On Monday I made the journey shown in the image.  The touch in at Waterloo mainline was definitely made at a gateline with a yellow reader attached, yet the journey history describes it as a pink reader. I wonder whether it might be connected to the final touch out being made at a tram boarding reader on platform 10a at Wimbledon?  The journey was charged correctly and the ability to end an open rail journey by starting a tram journey at either Wimbledon or Elmers End is a long standing and sensible feature.  I’ve raised a query with customer services so we’ll see what they come back with.

Incidentally, there are a few stations where a touch in at gates will be described as using a pink reader.  This is when you are already in the system and need to enter again through gates having forgotten to touch out previously using a validator.  See the Same Station and Continuation Exits/Entries page for more information.  Interestingly Waterloo NR is one of those stations because the exit from the Waterloo & City line is not gated.  However, that isn’t the scenario in play above.

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