New fare database from 19th May

As far as I know there are no major changes at this intermediate fare change date.  However, the error with zip 11-15 fares from Epsom has been corrected, as has the fares between Epsom and Stoneleigh which is back in zone 5 where it should be.  Fares for Meridian Water (replacing Angel Road) are ready, but not visible yet because the opening (and closing) has been delayed a bit.

4 thoughts on “New fare database from 19th May”

  1. Fares from Hertford North to or via zone 1 have now gone up in price only a month after the introduction of Oyster there. It’s not been publicised and it’s unclear why this would have happened so quickly.

    • Hi Adam,

      TOC fares can change 3 times a year, in January, May and September. Most fares change only in January, but they are allowed to make changes at the other times as well.

  2. Hi Mike, just come across your site. Really great work. I’ve been using Oyster ever since it was introduced and yet I’ve learned things from your site that I never knew! Couple of fares-related questions for you, if you don’t mind. Any idea why it’s cheaper to take a Thameslink from Peckham Rye to Kentish Town, touch out, touch back in, and take the tube to East Finchley (£2.50 + £1.50) than it is to take the default route (presumably PRye-London Bridge NR, LBr LU to EF LU, £4.30). And secondly, why is it invariably cheaper for me to use London Overground from Peckham Rye to Canada Water, touch the pink reader, then enter the tube network there? Using Bond Street as an example: PRye to Bond St via Can Water £2.40, as opposed to the default route (presumably PRye NR to LBr NR, then enter tube at LBr, £4.00). All of the preceding assumes Adult Oyster travelling off peak.

    • Hi Michael,

      It’s all to do with using mixed modes. There is a surcharge for mixing late-adopting NR services (eg Southern) with Underground/DLR. This doesn’t apply with TfL operated NR (eg Overground). Take a look at the Fares Guide pages, in particular the guide to fare scales.

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