Tram Update – Now ends rail journey

An eagle eyed site visitor has tipped me off that if you change between train and tram at either Elmers End or Wimbledon you do not need to end the rail journey as well as start a tram journey.  You must touch in on the tram boarding validator, but if there is an open rail journey on your card this will be resolved before deducting the tram fare.  When I called the helpdesk about this they weren’t aware, so it seems as though this is a new feature.  I have tested both stations today though and it does work.

Small note.  Children using 5-10 zip cards do not need to touch in on the tram boarding validator, but if they have an open rail journey they do need to either resolve it at an entry/exit validator or at a tram boarding validator.  They won’t be charged (for the tram) at the tram boarding validator, but the rail journey will still be resolved.

2 thoughts on “Tram Update – Now ends rail journey”

  1. A child has a Z1-2 travelcard and some PAYG credit. He boards at Waterloo and travels to Wimbledon, then changes to tram. If there are no RPIs around the tram validator, can’t he get away with not paying for the train trip to zone 3?

    • Just seen this one. I will neither condone nor offer advice which involvles not paying the due fare. In the scenario you mention the child would need to be sure that RPIs would not walk down the train after the last stop in zone 2.

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